Our ministry groups are led by group leaders who work hard to cater to the needs of the various populations in the ECWM family through their prayers, fellowship, benevolence, service, church involvement and activities. These groups not only serve ECWM, but their communities with the gospel.  



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Our Youth and Young Adult ministry consists of young people ages 13 and up. Our young people are encouraged and challenged to develop their personal relationship with God, grow in fellowship with one another, serve their communities with their calling and soar high like the eagle in every aspect of their life.

Our Young Adults play a huge role in mentoring the youth and have different activities each month that focuses on developing the next generation for Christ. Our Youth and Young Adults also go out as a group every Saturday to evangelize in their communities to the lost. Young people are the future of our Ministry. Therefore, the Youth and Young Adult Ministry is very committed to the spiritual growth of the young people at the Church.

The Young Adult Ministry conducts the last Sunday service of each month which we refer to as “Cool and Creative Sunday.” Cool & Creative Sunday is a time where we “Dress Down, Praise Up, & Celebrate Jesus in Grand Style.” There’s always a unique ministration by various ministries such as our Dance Ministry, Praise & Worship Ministry, and Children’s Ministry. Check out our Youth and Young Adults on a Cool & Creative Sunday.



Our mission is to strengthen and encourage the bond between women in ECWM and those outside ECWM

We want to empower women to cultivate and grow their relationship with the Lord, each other, hand to fulfill their God-given purpose in life. Ecwm women are a unique group of women who come from all walks of life. They are mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters, friends and most importantly, they are daughters of The Most High God. They wear many hats. They are caretakers, cooks, counselors, backbones, intercessors to name a few.Women's Ministry is for every woman who wants to discover and fulfill their purpose in becoming a woman of God.


"Men of Valor"  is committed to strengthen the family and the body of Christ by developing men to assume their God given role in their families, the Church, their communities, the nation and the world at large. This is accomplished through monthly men’s fellowship, various men’s programs, prayer retreats, personal counseling, study of the Word of God, encouraging and building each other up and providing moral, financial and spiritual support to each other.