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This page will contain testimonies of people impacted by the ministry of the Lord through ECWM. You may find these testimonies on Facebook, YouTube, or other forums. 

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Sis. Florence R.

I got a new resident,this was like 3 months ago.The rule at work is you make an inventory of what they come with.I recorded 5 bank cards,2 for Capital One bank,2 Bank of America,1 from Suntrust bank.When it was time to handover to the Nurse one capital one card was missing.I had no idea where it had gone.I called Sis Carolyn,to pray with me.The charge nurse told me to get the lady’s wallet and we put the cards in a ziplock bag and they locked them up.Next day another nurse finds the ziplock bag,counts the cards and immediately reports to the business office,Director of nursing and my unit manager.It was a big deal.I told the truth,that I do not know where it was.The next day my unit manager advised to look for it.I talked to 2 nurses working on the floor,they opened the cart with the ziplock bag and going through,they found the 5 cards.The nurse who had reported went ballistic .I gave thanks to God and walked away.


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