Prophet Godson E. K. SEWORYE

Prophet Godson Seworye is the Founder and General Overseer of Ever Creative Word Ministries (ECWM), an international ministry. He began ECWM in 2010 in Silver Spring, MD, and since then, the church has multiplied to different locations worldwide. He is a Prophet, Excellent Teacher and Pastor, True Leader who leads by example, Transcendent Mentor, and an Author.


After giving his life to the Lord as a teenager in Ghana, West Africa, he answered the call to ministry and has been faithful to that call since. He began full-time ministry in the 80s as an evangelist, conducting many healing crusades, revivals in Ghana and Liberia. During these crusades, many signs and wonders were performed as he taught and prayed for people’s deliverance.

By God’s instruction, he has faithfully taught the people of ECWM and seen the power of God’s word transform their lives and lead them to the discovery and fulfillment of their God-given assignment.


As a Prophet, he has prophesied extensively about many nations, Liberia, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Europe, and the United States. Today it can be verified and confirmed that every declaration and word of prophecy he has said over the state and the future of those countries has come to pass in Jesus name, while some are still being fulfilled. Prophet Godson spoke in graphic detail about the looming judgment to face the ministers as a prelude to the terrible Liberia's Civil War. He foresaw the beginning of the war and gave daily and systematic directions of its movements. He foresaw the attacks on the US in September 2001. He also foresaw and spoke about changes in government in the United States, Europe, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, and several other nations before they happened.

Prophet Godson is a well-known teacher, with a strong emphasis on Faith, the Holy Spirit and fulfilling our divine purpose.  He ministers regularly in churches worldwide and provides solid training by holding seminars for pastors and Bible conferences for all believers worldwide. He is a loving husband to his wife, partner in ministry, and greatest cheerleader, Pastor Ann-Marie P. Tebbs Seworye. They are parents to two boys and many spiritual sons and daughters.

“Next to surrendering your life to Jesus to become a child of God, nothing is more important than living by faith. Faith comes to you by hearing God’s word. If you can submit yourself to the word of God, you will walk by faith and equipped to fulfill your God-ordained purpose for coming to this earth” - Godson


Pastor Ann-Marie P. Tebbs Seworye serves alongside her husband Prophet Godson E. K. Seworye in ministry at ECWM as the Executive Pastor. Pastor Ann or “mommy” as many call her, is a Radical Worshiper, Psalmist, Loving Mother, Mentor of Mentors, Individual and Marriage Counselor, Uncommon Leader, Virtuous Wife, and a Wonderful Pastor.

Pastor Ann is a woman of prayer who exercises faith with patience, she prays through until there is a breakthrough. She loves all people with the love of God and teaches them how to be mature believers. As any nurturing mother would, she feeds all her spiritual children the pure milk of the word of God with great patience and persistence until they can handle solid food.

Often known for her saying, “You look just like Jesus,” Pastor Ann-Marie exemplifies what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the world at large. Her style of ministry cuts across all generations, ministry groups, race, social status, nationalities, and spiritual level. As a counselor, she counsels with the wisdom of God and always provides sound wisdom for people’s problems. She has mentored and counseled many who are now ministers of the gospel.


God has used her to bring healing to broken marriages, broken families, and broken people. She demonstrates the heart of God for women and men. As God is near to those who are brokenhearted, Pastor Ann-Marie is always a phone call away to help the broken, troubled, or confused with the love and knowledge of God. As her husband is, she is passionate to see all generations on fire for God, families walking together in the will of God, and all fulfilling their God-given assignment that they may not be ashamed when they have to give account to God for their life on earth.


Pastor-Ann is a radical “treacher” (teacher and preacher), who ministers the truth without compromise. She is an undignified ‘praiser’, who seeks to please God in her worship and not man. She teaches and counsels according to the full counsel of God with an emphasis on the leading of the Holy Spirit, Praise and Worship, the Condition of the Heart, Knowing your Identity in Christ, and fulfilling that Identity. She ministers at women’s conferences and seminars worldwide, and at ECWM.


“You have greatness inside of you and your greatness comes from your willingness to learn from your failures or give up on the greatness within. It’s not where you are that matters but rather your legacy. Trust God with your life. Your circumstance will never determine your God. I pray that you get a revelation of who your God is and never look back” - Pastor Ann-Marie