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Partner with us

The Lord has designed our ministry to function on the basis of joyful giving. As God raises up individuals who are joyful to give to Him, we are empowered to joyfully accomplish our assigned mission to serving the Lord.

Sharing in our ministry through prayer and finances is an opportunity to gratefully give to God.


follow these instructions

1. access zelle by enrolling with your email/phone number through the Zelle app or your banking app.

2. Add the following name (Ever Creative Word) as a recipient with as the email address.

3. Choose the amount, enter the amount to send.

Every contribution helps to fulfill the vision of ecwm and more importantly, God's mandate to us as a church. Your giving goes a long way and adds to God's kingdom each day. By your contribution we are able to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our members, neighbors, and the world at large by the preaching and living of the gospel.  Thank you for helping us reach the world with God's love.

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