Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality” Romans 12:13 

Our Hospitality Ministry Team serves our congregation and visitors in various capacities throughout the church. As God has lovingly and graciously welcomed all people into His Kingdom, our hospitality team strives to aid our congregation in promoting a continually welcoming environment for our members, prospective members and visitors. This includes but not limited to making sure that everyone who comes through our doors is greeted with a warm smile, made to feel comfortable, and that once they are through the doors they have the best possible experience in the sanctuary. Our Hospitality team serves to encourage the growth in the Church’s love for God, His Glory and the Church’s love for one another with respect to God’s hospitality toward humanity as well as individual.

If you do not yet belong to a church, we would like you to consider joining our ministry. Our church is growing and we welcome you to come grow with us as we seek to serve each other and those who are not yet disciples of Jesus. If you live Washington D.C. Metro Area, we invite you to attend our Sunday Services starting at 1:30pm and ending at 4:30pm. For more information, please visit our “Services” page at 
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