He has a mastery of all the offerings in the Pentateuch, neither for sport nor vainglory. But for the compulsory indicator those sacrifices point to in the PERSON and inevitable total ministry of the coming Christ! He embraced the full gospel imbibing of the sincere milk of the word, graduating to strong meat, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

He led Living Gospel Ministry from the extreme blight of Southern Boulevard in the South Bronx for a while before bringing his fold with him to an equally blighted Nelson Avenue in Highbridge, still in the famous Bronx. Observers saw a man of God “enduring hardship like a good soldier”. This fervor for the good work has taken him to Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia and Tanzania.

Rev. Delali Bansa is now formally the Pastor of Ever Creative Word Ministries (ECWM) Church in New York. He still conveys the full gospel and the hunger for saving souls; and challenges everyone to catch the Ever Creative Word Ministries vision in preparing to evangelize the world at large. His emphasis is on the importance of knowing that the object of our faith should be in the FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST; and not forgetting that The Anointing make the Difference.

Rev. Delali Bansa was an aspiring geneticist, trained in Soviet Russia, who before being born again declared in class that Jesus Christ Is Alive. Since God had a higher calling for him, he made an about turn to Ghana from England where medical science had shown him its limits.

Delali, meaning “There Is a Savior”, in his native Ewe language became born again in 1984. He then began to learn at the feet of brethren who were already ahead of him in the Lord. This gentleman was a reluctant prophet for a long time, while he served his apprenticeship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and seasoned men of God.

Church Location: 1230 Nelson Ave, Bronx, NY 10452, Telephone: 570-216 -1905 

Pastor Delali Bansa